Silicon Beach – Biometrics & Emotion

De-risking Creative Bravery: Biometrics & Emotion What people say in response to ads is often at odds with how they really feel. This makes the ‘brave’ emotional route seem riskier than a more rational approach – despite advertising that elicits an emotional response being proven to be more effective. In order to ‘de-risk creative bravery’, […]

Cannes Lions – The Battle for Attention Live

The Battle for Attention Live: Digital Revolution vs. Human Evolution See the real-time battle between technology and human attention unfold on the Experience Stage. We will bring to life the neuroscience concept of ‘cognitive load’ and the challenges it poses for creativity. In the ‘economy of attention’, are the demands of digital messaging outstripping our […]

Creating Superhuman Brands In The Age Of Technology

After visiting SXSW 2014 we held a client event in the evening to share our learnings and advise brands on how to humanise technology. We highlighted 3 key principles that shape human technology and pulled out examples of the most inspiring uses from around the world, providing clients with both a macro view and addressable […]

SXSW – Neuroplasticity & Tech

With the major shifts of the web, social media and mobile, and the levels of messaging they’ve ushered in, the nature and pace of change heralded by the age of technology is unprecedented. Since every new experience changes our brains, we set out to explore the question: What is looking at our inbox and phone […]

About Me

My love for new technologies and pushing boundaries has led me to a role in communications innovation. Currently working as the Innovation Lead for a creative agency called Brave, I sit as a sub-section of the planning team, where my focus is on ensuring our output is constantly evolving and adapting to emerging channels and behaviours. […]