Cannes Lions – The Battle for Attention Live

The Battle for Attention Live: Digital Revolution vs. Human Evolution

See the real-time battle between technology and human attention unfold on the Experience Stage.

We will bring to life the neuroscience concept of ‘cognitive load’ and the challenges it poses for creativity. In the ‘economy of attention’, are the demands of digital messaging outstripping our cerebral supply? Join us and find out.

On stage, we will monitor and examine our research agents’ brains in real-time, to see what tech is doing to our heads – by comparing their comprehension powers in a focused state vs. when they are multi-screening.

Delegates will walk away with an understanding of:

  • How tech impacts on attention, emotional engagement and brand recall
  • What opportunities exist to communicate via other, open channels into people’s brains
  • The right strategy for brands to use creativity to cut through, going forward

Come and find out, once and for all, whether technology simply represents a new way of communicating – or requires us to communicate in new ways.

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