SXSW – Neuroplasticity & Tech

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With the major shifts of the web, social media and mobile, and the levels of messaging they’ve ushered in, the nature and pace of change heralded by the age of technology is unprecedented.

Since every new experience changes our brains, we set out to explore the question: What is looking at our inbox and phone 100s of times a day doing to our heads and, importantly, what does this ‘hyperstimulation’ mean for attention spans, cognition and brand recall?

We will get specific about the concept of ‘neuroplasticity’ and share our latest research on how technology is fundamentally altering the way we connect. Working with neuroscience experts, we explore the challenge to marketers in the digital age – whether technology represents a new way of communicating, or if it requires us to communicate in new ways.

As technology continues to dominate our lives, we will discuss our evolving relationship with it – and the ways in which brands can ensure they play a positive role in this process.

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